Thursday, October 13, 2016


“yo volveré a nuestro país y cantaremos pa' que goces melodías a dos voces hasta el fin”  –Necesito una canción, Nano Stern-

Music is very important i my life, my mom sings and play the guitar since I was a little girl, also my mom sang on a church chorus all Sundays and I always gone with her until I was 12 years old, so I grew up with music around me.

Music make me feel calm and peaceful, like everything it`s going well. When I have a problem or just I feel awful that day I led on my bed and listen to music, immediately I feel better. Also if is a good day I like listen to music all the time; when I study, clean, or just when I do nothing.

I like every kind of music, I don`t really like a specific gender, even a specific artist; actually I like the songs, something or a specific song make me feel well, independent the artist who sing it or the gender. Eventually, I adore some artist because I like most of their songs, and most of them are Chilean artist, for example Nano Stern, Tunacola, Camila Moreno, etc.

I don`t really are a concert girl, the most of the concerts that I`ve gone have been of Chilean artist and very cheap or just free, all of them I`ve enjoyed very much. I really like listen to music on spotify when I`m in home, and also listen to live music on pub or literary cafes.

So, I also sing a little bit ad try to play the guitar, but I`m not very good on that… yet I thing jaja I just need practice. I love music and my life will be nothing without it, so I keep practice, and listen live music, ad just enjoy the life with her (because music is like a one more person in my life). I hope you feel the same, bye!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A place I would like to visit

I would like to visit many places around the word, actually I dream with travel around the word like for a year or two when I go out to the university, but if I had to choose a place, it would be the Austral road of the south of Chile. I`m think that I`ll visit many places on the future but I chose this because the south of Chile have a special energy for me, I feel light there and like in home. Of course I like it also for the landscape and the nature and a lot the stuff, but especially for the people, the magic and the energy. I had made this journey before, when I was 12 years old with my father; and the last year I went backpacking with a friend, but we didn`t arrived to the end of austral road, so I know all of it but I don`t remember, also I would like to make this travel with a friend again. I would like go backpacking again and stay there like for a month or more, spend time with the people and the nature. I would like to use that time for think about live there in the future and spend the rest of my life in the south of Chile. So, I hope you`ll visit this place because it`s beautiful and magic. 
Take care! And have a good week.